6 Perfect Holiday Gifts from Missouri For Anyone Who Loves Bacon, Jello Shots or Grillz

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Who has a holiday Jell-O shot recipe, please?
Christmas is a week away! Do you have all your holiday shopping done?

If not, never fear. We have a few Missouri goodies up our sleeves that make perfect presents:

For friends preparing for a zombie apocalypse: Tactical Bacon

Step one: Open can. Step two: eat bacon.
When the walking dead arrive, there'll be no time to heat up the skillet. A guns retailer in Fayette, Missouri, sells 54 slices of bacon ready to eat straight out of a nine ounce can. Tactical Bacon, or tac bac for short, has a picture of an automatic rifle on the can, so you know it's serious.

For your crazy conservative OR crazy liberal friends: Cruz to the Future coloring book

Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
Color Ted holding a shotgun or giving a speech against Obamacare.
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., based in Clayton put out a coloring book based on the life of Tea Party darling and Texas senator Ted Cruz. The book calls him a "real life superhero" and offers a page where you can color Cruz as he delivers his 21-hour speech against Obama care, which the book calls "worse than any war."

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For the hostess who needs the mostest: The Jellinator

We've personally taken this miracle invention for a spin, and we're thrilled to say it's a game-changer for the drunk on the go. The Jellinator, invented by a boozy genius in Creve Coeur, makes filling plastic containers with boozy Jell-O a breeze. Our favorite recipe combines pineapple Jell-O with malibu rum for a Pina Colada -- but if you really need a stiff one, try orange Jell-O and orange vodka for a Screwdriver. Whatever you do, don't try to salt the rims of your Jello-O shots. It just doesn't work.

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Find out how to keep your nuts from getting shot off after the jump.

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