Five Ways St. Louis Can Win Boeing's 777X Contest, Including Foot Jobs and Child Labor

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What do you give the corporation that is already given everything?

The Boeing Corporation regularly receives tens of billions worth of government contracts each year. The company's defense, space, and security division based in St. Louis gets nearly half of its entire revenue from the U.S. Military (and this doesn't count revenue from other countries for whom the U.S. gives military aid to).

On top of getting billions of dollars from the government, Boeing has paid nothing in state taxes over the past decade, according to the left-leaning Citizens for Tax Justice. In fact, they actually got a few bucks back. As for federal taxes, Boeing gets billions in rebates and some years they don't pay any taxes to Uncle Sam, according to the right-leaning American Spectator.

Despite getting so much government aid, Boeing is watching states like Missouri beg compete for a chance to give the corporate welfare monster even more hand-outs. The deadline to send in proposals to Boeing is today and the "winner" will be announced early next year.

Missouri lawmakers last week approved giving Boeing $1.7 billion in tax cuts over the next two decades. On top of that, they worked out a deal with local unions to not be very union-like and work around the clock without overtime, as well as publicly-funded training for Boeing employees at local community colleges.

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But Boeing wants more than just exemption from overtime and free worker training. Here are some of their "desired incentives," according to to documents obtained by the Post-Dispatch:

• Site at no cost, or very low cost, to project.

• Facilities at no cost, or significantly reduced cost.

• Infrastructure improvements provided by the location.

• Full support in worker training.

• "Entire applicable tax structure including corporate income tax, franchise tax, property tax, sales/use tax, business license/gross receipts tax and excise taxes to be significantly reduced."

And that probably won't be enough, either, especially since Washington offered Boeing the largest state-tax cut for a private company in history at $8.7 billion until 2040.

However, Missouri shouldn't give up. When it comes to pleasing behemoth government-funded corporations, free facilities, overtime exemptions, and a few billion in tax breaks just doesn't cut it anymore. We must try harder, faster, and deeper. Here are five things we can do:

1. Free Foot Massages to Boeing Executives Forever

Baby oil makes the foot massage better.

To truly stand-out from the rest of the states throwing money at Boeing, Missouri needs to throw a little sumpin' extra. And what better way to entice a busy executive than a nice foot massage? And if the busy executive in question would like a happy ending with their massage, you better believe they'll get it. With a smile.

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David B Fowler
David B Fowler

Great well paying jobs and money Trickles out instead to STL. We Need that.

Tom Patrick
Tom Patrick

How about we let Boing pay their FAIR share of taxes... I am tired of tax breaks for large corporations. Not to mention the other incentives they are trying to give them...

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

I love it when nutty liberals post on corporate website...that makes its money from other corporations advertising on tell us how bad corporations are.

Joshua Rodgers
Joshua Rodgers

Japanese radioactive waste, political scandal exposure, misuse of power, privacy invasion, punishment for crimes that hold fines but no punishment for baby rapers, thieves, can you get some of these thoughts out there or does the federal government give you a few swatches to pick your story from?

Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith

I'm no longer a Nixon fan that's for sure. And Charlie Dooley, come on, ANYTHING he wants HAS to be BAD!

Joshua Rodgers
Joshua Rodgers

Why would we do that? Oh, because our corrupt system doesn't steal enough ..... we are about to spend 35 million on a landscaping project around the arch but some how can't house or feed or cloth the people suffering AND LIVING underneath it! I don't personally feel we have any reason for Boeing to look here to do business. Like ford, go to a place that doesn't screw their citizens around! How about a piece on some of that???

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