IKEA is Coming: 5 Businesses St. Louis Will Freak Out Over Next

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2. Boeing
Boeing's bad-ass unmanned jet, built in St. Louis.
The freakout has already begun for Boeing, the multinational corporation flirting with the idea of pulling production of its 777X jetliner out of Everett, Washington, and into the Lou.

Boeing is notorious for choosing cities with big perks -- including tax breaks and special labor rules -- to build its multimillion dollar projects, and it's pitting Missouri, South Carolina, Washington, Texas and California against each other to see who gives the best deal. Missouri has already approved $150 million in annual incentives for Boeing if the company brings their passenger jet and the 8,500 jobs it creates to St. Louis.

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3. European boutiques

Francisco Seoane Perez on Flickr
Zara -- Europe's answer to the Gap.
When H&M and Gap aren't enough, St. Louis' fashion savvy wish they had access to internationally famous (yet affordable) British and Spanish clothing stores their Dallas and Chicago counterparts get to visit, including Zara, Top Shop, Mango and All Saints. If one of those stores opened in St. Louis, the shopping frenzy would make Black Friday look like Easter.

St. Louisans are already mobbing the stores online. Shoppers obliterated Spanish retailer Zara's supply of a shiny $35 necklace after Kate Middleton wore it to a royal screening of a film about Nelson Mandela this weekend.

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