IKEA is Coming: 5 Businesses St. Louis Will Freak Out Over Next

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4. A soccer-specific stadium
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Bosnian soccer player Vedad Ibisevic plays at Busch Stadium
The biggest obstacle to getting a Major League Soccer Team in St. Louis (besides money) is building a pitch for the team to play on. MLS commissioner Don Garber reinforced this last week when asked which cities could be next for the expanding league.

No one seems to be stepping up to fund a soccer stadium in St. Louis, especially as the city risks losing its NFL team because it can't afford millions of dollars in stadium upgrades at the Edward Jones Dome.

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Getting a soccer stadium in St. Louis wouldn't just be a win for sports fans and the 70,000 Bosnian St. Louisans who treat soccer more like a religion than a sport. Orlando is spending $35 million to build a stadium, which will create 600 construction jobs and employ 2,000 people full- or part-time. IKEA will only employ 300.

5. Trader Joe's

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Yes, we have three four Trader Joe's, but south St. Louis County residents say that's not enough. Residents just across the city border in Affton and Marlborough want a new store in their neighborhood to replace the string of locally owned grocers that recently went out of businesses, including Johnny's Market and Sappington Farmer's Market.

Trader Joe's has repeatedly told those organizing petitions and letter-writing campaigns that the grocer is content with just three St. Louis locations.

Now it's your turn: If these stores decided to open in St. Louis or St. Louis county, where should they locate? What empty buildings should they take over?

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