How to Beat Auburn: 5 Tips from a 'Bama Fan for the Mizzou Tigers

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If anyone knows Auburn's weaknesses, it's an Alabama fan.
The University of Missouri Tigers are still new to the SEC, so a University of Alabama fan offered up some advice to best the school's fiercest rival, the Auburn Tigers, in the championship game.

In an open letter to Mizzou that went viral on Monday, a 'Bama fan known only as 5026 says the Crimson Tide will be rooting for Missouri during the game Saturday at the Georgia Dome -- not too far from Alabama.

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The most flattering photo of an Auburn fan. Ever.
"Here in the SEC, we appreciate resilience, and you have SHOWED it all season long," the Alabama fan writes. "Believe me, you beating [Auburn] will not only be appreciated in Tuscaloosa, but pretty much in the whole country."

If anyone can offer insight into Auburn's weaknesses, it's an Alabama fan.

Football is an all-year sport in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is hundreds of miles from the closest professional sports franchise, and Auburn makes an easy target only 160 miles up the road. The rivalry spun out of control years ago when a 'Bama fan poisoned Auburn's famous oak trees -- the equivalent to knocking down the columns in Mizzou's quad.

"You guys are the news guys on the block, so you know you ain't getting anything handed to you," the fan writes.

Read Alabama's five tips for beating Auburn after the jump.

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