How to Beat Auburn: 5 Tips from a 'Bama Fan for the Mizzou Tigers

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In order to help the Missouri Tigers beat the Auburn Tigers, the Alabama fan offers a few tips:

Auburn Alumni on Flickr
Auburn's Tiger mascot is down for the count.
1. Don't even try to understand Auburn's mascot.
This year's SEC championship is an all-Tigers game, but Auburn's version of Missouri's M-I-Z-Z-O-U rally cry is: "War Eagle."

"They think they are the tigers," the fan writes. "But they also have this eagle that flies around their stadium. So are they the tigers or the eagles? Well, who knows?"

2. Don't fall for trash talk or cheap shots.
It's a mistake to get riled up when Auburn fans and players start talking smack, says the Alabama fan.

"I know it's hard, but just keep your cool against these guys," he writes. "They can get to be real hot heads, so just let them be their own worst enemy."

3. Show up.
The Georgia Dome is just a two-hour drive from Auburn, and their fans are die-hards.

Dave Newman on Flickr
Auburn fans in a sea of orange.
"The place is going to be overrun with a pack of goat herders the likes you have never seen before," fan 5026 writes. "If at all possible, just steer clear of any of that orange you see around ATL. Just avoid these people at all cost, and you will have a much more enjoyable weekend."

4. Make them pass.
A missed field goal was Alabama's downfall in their game against Auburn, but this fan warns Mizzou against their offensive line's speed. If the Missouri defense can force quarterback Nick Marshall to throw long passes, Missouri defensive backs might be able to pick off an interception.

"Do not bait them to run," he writes. "Instead, dare them to pass."

5. Don't panic.
The Alabama fan calls Auburn one of the luckiest teams in the league -- a hard fact to deny after they miraculously returned Alabama's failed field goal last week for a 100-plus-yard touchdown to win the game.

AUBURN WINS. on Twitpic

"I haven't figured it out yet, but AU is, and has been for a long time, the luckiest team in America," write the Alabama fan. Saying luck accounts for a team's wins might sound like sour grapes, but there's a lesson in there for Mizzou: When you're ahead, don't be satisfied; and when you're behind, don't panic. Things can change in an instant.

"For all the hype, there is no way Auburn is the third best team in the country," he writes. "They have a bunch of luck, but they can be beaten. You can beat them."

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its embarrasing really. Its a game. not really worth, oh say, killing someone, threatening a 22 year old kicker, or acting like a total jackass. The woman who lost her life over a game had three small children. Children who will now grow up without a mother over a game. some of these bammers are just plain ignorant. and half have never even seen the school in person let alone have a college education! you would think they helped build the school


So, Alabama is the Roll Tides, but they have an elephant mascot. Stupid Bammer!


I am an Auburn fan and I have tremendous respect for the University of Missouri and their loyal fans. In fact, I was at the game back in the 1970s when Mizzou drillled Bama. I also saw a Mizzou family attacked by Bama rednecks as they tried to walk back to their car after that game. The Bama fan who is giving you "advice" is really saying more about his lack of class than offering any useful tips. He is just another bitter "crybammie". But, what do you expect from a school that has the lowest academic admission standards this side of the Mississippi border?  I will tell you that the best way to beat any football team. All you have to do is execute in every phase of the game, don't turn the ball over, don't get penalties, block, tackle, and run faster. The coaches have to play smart as well. 

Michael Beckman
Michael Beckman

Ya they lost in the last second ......too bad?? RFT is getting terrible. One bad headline after another

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