Missouri State May Ban Nerf Guns After 911 Call, Lockdown Over Zombie Shootout Game

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Humans v. Zombies players prepare to shoot "zombies" in Lincoln.
Missouri State University is considering banning Nerf guns from campus after students playing a zombie role-playing game led a professor to call 911 to report an active shooter.

College students across the country join the annual Humans vs. Zombies game, but after just a few years, Missouri State's has grown into one of the largest in the country.

More than 500 students carry Nerf guns to play tag with a post-apocalyptic twist: Shoot students dressed as zombies to live another day; get tagged, and you're a zombie yourself.

But college professors are more afraid of students with guns than they are of zombies. A professor put his class on lockdown and called 911 in October when he saw students carrying Nerf guns on campus, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Police also received several calls to the campus non-emergency number to report the guns.

Don Clark, director of the university's safety department, told the Associated Press Missouri State is considering banning Nerf guns permanently, like several other colleges.

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Students are forbidden from painting their Nerf guns to look like real guns and from playing inside, but the game goes on all hours of the day. In low light, campus officials say, it's hard to tell the difference between a Nerf gun and a real gun -- especially for law enforcement.

"That can end in disaster, and that's ultimately what we're trying to prevent," says Chad Holmes, the faculty adviser for the student group that organizes the game.

Holmes' group is already planning next year's game and hopes to sign up 1,000 students to play.

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Kayleigh Vogelgesang
Kayleigh Vogelgesang

Dan Jones....as a future soldier in the zombie apocalypse....I'm going to let them eat you. And fuck that stupid professor I mean seriously. I play in Mizzou's game frequently and unless MSU has very lax rules, one of the rules is that your gun MUST have an orange tip at the very least, and no black/realistic guns. People are idiots.

Jordan Gelencir
Jordan Gelencir

What does college students playing a interactive game in their free time have to do with Americans living of the government? It is better then them doing drugs or other worse things.

Collin Michael
Collin Michael

Right....because college age adults of past generations never did ANYTHING immature or questionable.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

Who would think college age young adults would play zombie games? Another reason why sooo many Americans live off the Government and never are able to produce a living wage.


A Nerf gun looks nothing like an actual gun.  Perhaps they need their eyes examined?

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