Road Trip to the Cotton Bowl: How to Drive Through Oklahoma Without Killing Yourself

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6. For American Idol and Sound of Music Fans

Carrie Underwood describes her hometown of Checota, Oklahoma as a one stoplight town most popular for having a Walmart. In her song, "I Ain't in Checota Anymore," laments that her big city lifestyle means she can't fish for crappie in Eufala Lake, eat okra at Okrafest or tip cows anymore. Don't make her mistake. In Checota, tip a cow for Carrie -- because there's nothing else to do.

7. See where Bonnie and Clyde got their start.

All that's left of the dance hall where the Barrow gang killed their first victim.
There will come a time when you pass a giant jail on your right. That's how you know you're in Stringtown, where Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed their first lawman, a sheriff's deputy who asked Barrow to put away his whiskey bottle a year before Prohibition ended.

8. Like Ike.

When you think Texas presidents, LBJ and the Bushes come to mind. But did you know Dwight Eisenhower was born an hour north of Dallas? Visit the modest two-story frame house where he was born before he moved to Kansas, where he hailed from when he ran for president.

After Denison, Texas, you'll start to see the true meaning of sprawl. Dallas may be an hour away, but there's no end to the strip malls, restaurants and shops on your way.

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Congratulations. You've arrived.

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