Nashville is Jealous of St. Louis' New IKEA

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No meatballs for you, Nashville!
Remember how IKEA rumors used to spread across St. Louis like wildfire every few months?

Turns out, we weren't alone.

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The same rumors have been swirling around Nashville for years now, and Music City is just as bummed as Mound City would have been if the tables were turned. The Nashville Business Journal published an article earlier this month with a headline that sums it up perfectly: "St. Louis' big Ikea win is Nashville's loss."

IKEA is officially building in St. Louis, the Swedish furniture retailer announced this month after years of whispers and rumors. The Business Journal says Nashville and St. Louis were in the running with Miami, which recently broke ground on an IKEA store set to open in the summer.

IKEA will bring 300 jobs to St. Louis once the Vandeventer location is finished in Fall 2015. Until then, the project is expected to create between 500 and 700 construction jobs.

The closest IKEA to Nashville is 245 miles away in Atlanta. The St. Louis store will be 314 (heh) miles away from Nashville.

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Tim Corkill
Tim Corkill

Of course we would say that to the city with the nicest people I ever or white

Stacey Barbeau
Stacey Barbeau

i love nashville.. we hope to move there.... lots to do, great people...

Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards

Nashville should be jealous of much more... STL baby!

David B Fowler
David B Fowler

Over/under on when it closes. 5 years after it opens.

Zack Thatcher
Zack Thatcher

Ikea is not that great, but happy that someone is investing in downtown.

Joni Hoscher
Joni Hoscher

Yeah, too bad IKEA has a horrible labor and environmental record to produce their mega cheap products.....

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