"Cat in Space": Meet The Two Amazingly Awkward Brothers Who Created the Meme

Danny Wicentowski
Murray flops how he likes to flop. Deal with it.

Nick says that every month or so he still sees the photo pop up somewhere new on the web, including foreign websites.

"I like it," he says. "As an artist I appropriate things. The fact that I created something other people are appropriating is very enjoyable for me, to see what the product is."

Just last month, Nick and Jake were invited to appear on Tim Ezell's show on KTVI; of course, the two insisted they be allowed to stay "in character."

Jake blow-dried his hair into a poofy helmet, while Nick grew back the wispy mustache from the original picture and adopted a twanging Southern accent for no particular reason.

At one point, Nick places Murray the cat onto the shoulders of a clearly uncomfortable Ezell "like a scarf." It's pretty compelling television.

You can watch the full video here

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Nick wants to keep the absurdity rolling. He told Daily RFT that he and Jake plan to launch a YouTube channel in the near future.

Danny Wicentowski

Here are more behind-the-scenes shots from the original 2010 "Christmas picture."

Nick Schleicher/Stephanie Kitts

Nick Schleicher/Stephanie Kitts

Nick Schleicher/Stephanie Kitts
Looking at the man in the mirror...

Lastly, here's a "version" of the original photo that will free your mind.


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