Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz Poses with Shotgun, Blasts Obamacare in St. Louis Coloring Book

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Inside the book's front cover
On one page celebrating the second amendment, children can color in a wistful-looking Cruz carrying a shotgun. Another page calls President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul "worse than any war."

"Many, including Obama's own supporters, feel the president has betrayed millions of Americans," the book says on a page dedicated to Cruz's 21-hour filibuster speech against Obamcare. "Truth-be-known, a lot of the career establishment politicians are far too out of shape, old or overweight to even perform such a magnificent feat, God bless them all."

The coloring book spent five days as the No. 1 most popular coloring book on Amazon, and as of this weekend, it is also the online seller's most wished for coloring book.

"We hope all who enjoy the book color it in bright, bold colors, and not pale pastels, just as Ronald Reagan would have wanted," Cruz's spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told the Associated Press, referencing Cruz's criticisms that the GOP mainstream "paints in pastels" instead of taking bold actions.

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Almas Farmhouseantiques
Almas Farmhouseantiques

You cant make this stuff up. Comic and coloring books plays right into the IQ level of Republicans.

Timothy Burch
Timothy Burch

It should come with the Sara Palin coaster set for every American coffee table. NOT!


Where is the birther page?  Cruz, unlike the President, was not born here.  He is Canadian and Cuban.

Ryan Stufft
Ryan Stufft

The irony is that most people are probably buying them as gag gifts. Its a shame where the funds go.

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