St. Louis' "No Refusal Zone" Means Cops Can Get Warrants For Your Blood Faster and Easier

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And Joyce responded to critics on Twitter:

The "No Refusal" measure comes just a few months after a Supreme Court ruling in favor of a Cape Girardeau man who refused a Breathalyzer test and was forced to take a blood test without a warrant. The Supreme Court ruled that the blood test without a warrant was unconstitutional.

See also: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Warrantless Blood Tests for DUI Suspects in Missouri Case

Expedited warrants will get around that problem, but opponents such as anti-red-light camera attorney Mike Carter still say it's not right.

"I applaud Prosecutor Joyce for seeking a proper warrant, but to say that EVERY REFUSAL will automatically trigger a warrant request would seem to indicate that her office feels that without a breath result or any field sobriety tests, whatsoever, that they should automatically be able to stick a needle in someone's body. That's a bit disturbing to me," Carter says in a statement.

Whichever side one is one regarding the "No Refusal Zone," there is no debate about the dangers of drunk driving. And New Year's is particularly dangerous.

This map from IDV Solutions shows how often alcohol was involved in fatal crashes in the St. Louis area, one of the worst in the country for drunk-driving accidents.

IDV Solutions

Remember -- those are all fatalities. Put some cab numbers in your cell phone so you can get shit-faced tonight and not die.

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