The Cardinals Get Sexy: Daily RFT's 10 Most-Read St. Louis Sports Stories of 2013

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Bow-chicka-wow-wow, Cardinal birds!

2013 was the year the St. Louis Cardinals were named the best-looking team in major league baseball, and we couldn't agree more. The Redbirds are responsible for seven of Daily RFT's ten most-read articles in sports this year.

Here are the top ten St. Louis sports stories from 2013:

10. Red Sox Take Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad, Thank Cardinals Fans for Sportsmanship

This was pretty classy, Boston. Losing the 2013 World Series in six games was devastating for Cardinal Nation, but goddamnit if we aren't the best fans in baseball. Beantown thanked St. Louis for extending a warm Midwestern welcome to players and fans alike in a full-page ad that cost as much as $20,000.

9. Welcome to St. Louis, Boston Red Sox Fans: 5 Tips for Getting Around

Midwest Nerd, Flickr
Speaking of that warm Midwestern welcome we offered the Boston Red Sox last October, Daily RFT offered Sox fans a few pointers on getting around the Lou before games three, four and five. We made a lot of local folks mad with our pronouncement that the Arch is kind of (but only kind of) bullshit, but the list got some attention by celebrating Forest Park, the City Museum and other St. Louis staples. The Cardinals know how to welcome the other team, but that doesn't mean they'll take it easy on you.

8. St. Louis Cardinals Ranked MLB's Best-Looking Team, No. 1 Uniforms in All Sports Leagues

Don't our uniforms look great? The gleaming white, the retro details and those bright red Cardinal birds all earned the St. Louis Cardinals the title of No. 1 greatest uniform professional sports this year. ESPN's Uni Watch Power Rankings pitted the Redbirds' uniforms against the 122 teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, and of course, St. Louis came out on top!

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