Tony La Russa, Former Cardinals Manager, Unanimously Voted into Baseball Hall of Fame

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St. Louis and this adorable puppy love you, Tony
To celebrate La Russa's honor, Daily RFT found five of our favorite TLR stories from over the years:

6 Photos of Tony La Russa Cuddling with Puppies That Will Make You Happy Forever
Whenever we're having a bad day, this is what we look at.

Tony La Russa Named One of Ten Worst People in Sports
Deadspin hates on TLR, calling the cult around his managing " head-slappingly pretentious."

Tony La Russa + Oktoberfest = Instant Party
Not really. The picture in this story will show you why.

Tony La Russa Goes Out On a High Note
Remember how sad we were when he left us? Well, not that sad. We had JUST won the 2011 World Series...

Sweet Jesus! What Happened to Tony La Russa's Face?
TLR gets the worst pink eye we've ever seen.

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