Rodeo Clown with Obama Mask at State Fair Could Win Sedalia 2013 Person of the Year

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Gessling
Could Tuffy the Clown be Sedalia's Person of the Year?
Move over, Pope Francis. Tuffy the Clown is about to be Sedalia's 2013 person of the year.

KIX 105.7 FM Morning DJ Rob Edwards in Sedalia was inspired by Time's annual tribute to an influential newsmaker to design a similar award for the person who's made the biggest impact on the town.

The mask that ignited America
"This isn't the nice-guy of Sedalia award," says Sam Schleicher, digital managing editor at 105.7 FM. "This is the person that has the biggest impact on the town."

After a Barack Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair rodeo last summer drew national ire (and media attention), it's hard to argue that anyone had more impact on Sedalia than rodeo clown Thomas Gessling, a.k.a. Tuffy the Clown.

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"Tuffy really thrust Sedalia into the national spotlight, for better or for worse," Schleicher says. "He made a huge impact and got national coverage. He definitely deserves a spot on there."

So far, Gessling is winning in a landslide. As of Thursday, he has 47 percent of the vote in a seven-man race.

If anyone can beat Gessling, it's the Sedalia STING unit, the city's elite drug-busting squad. Schleicher says they're in the news with a new meth or cocaine bust every other week, and last month, the joined federal agencies to arrest members of a $1 million crack, cocaine and guns ring. The unit brought in so much money recently that the department bought a new K-9 unit.

105.7 FM
Sam Schleicher and Rob Edwards at the radio station in Sedalia.
For a town without a major sports franchise, the STING unit is the closest thing Sedalia has to a hometown team worth rooting for. The radio station once considered making foam fingers to rally for the STING unit, replacing the giant "We're No. 1" gesture with two foam hands in handcuffs.

Gessling also has to beat Clean Air Sedalia, which advocated for the controversial new smoking ban, and Larry Stevenson, the erratic city council member Schleicher describes as "bat-shit crazy."

But nobody is bringing in the votes like Tuffy the clown.

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The winner of Sedalia's Person of the Year title will probably win a plaque or trophy -- the radio station hasn't decided yet.

"To be completely honest, we just kind of pulled the trigger on this thing to see what would happen," says Schleicher. "There's no real reward at all. We just wanted to see how it would go down. We wanted to gauge what people thought was important this year."

And Tuffy the clown was certainly important.

"People either love him or hate him," says Schleicher.

Vote on the 105.7 FM website once per day for choice for Sedalia's person of the year.

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Wayne Cardosi
Wayne Cardosi

It's ok to wear a Reagan, Clinton or Nixon mask, but it's wrong to wear an Obama mask? Makes no sense. Don't sweat the small stuff people. There are more important things to be concerned about.

Steve Linderman
Steve Linderman

Pretty sad when a racist rodeo clown is viewed as having the biggest impact on your town this year.

David J. McCutcheon
David J. McCutcheon

Who was last year's Sedalia Person of the Year? No one, because this is the only year they've ever factored into anything? Oh okay.

A Robert Jacques
A Robert Jacques

Well isn't that cute? He went to one of those carnival vendors that sells novelty magazine covers.

George Cameron
George Cameron

And I wasted five minutes of my time reading this why?

Daniel Reyna
Daniel Reyna

It's Sedalia.....did you expect anything less?

Dave Calabra
Dave Calabra

Ahhh, backwater MO towns... What will you think of next

Lauren Colvin
Lauren Colvin

One man's Pope is another man's ass clown...

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

The whole thing was blown out of proportion, but this is just silly. I guess no one does anything meaningful in Sedalia.

JamesMadison topcommenter

Pretty sad when satire is called racist when EVERY president, including Washington, has been similarly ridiculed or burned in effigy. Yet one Obama mask, and the leftists cry racism. So sad when true racism gets a pass when Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton spew it.

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