14 Dogs (and a Chicken) Romping in the St. Louis Snow Storm That Will Warm Your Heart

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John Talbot on Flickr
Don't judge us.

It's a snow day, and we're a little stir crazy. If a foot of snow is going to keep us indoors all day, we want to look at puppies!

St. Louis will be lucky to see temperatures above zero Monday, and so residents and their pets alike stuck inside to avoid very real threats of frostbite and hypothermia.

Today's temperatures are so low, the city will confiscate any pets left outside and cite the owners for animal abuse. Call animal control at 314-657-1500 if your pet or a neighbor's needs help.

See also: Stray Rescue Asks St. Louis for Help as Homeless Dogs, Cats Freeze to Death

So if we have to be stuck inside, Daily RFT thinks we might as well look at adorable photos of dogs (and one chicken) frolicking in the snow. Here are fourteen of our favorites:

1. Snow gets this chihuahua hella stoned.

2. "I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready let's go!"

3. Any more snow and this little one is going to need a tunnel to do its business.

4. Now THIS is a big smile.

5. This fuzzy little mop is catching little white specs in its fur.

6. Chicken break! It's not just dogs that got to frolic in the snow.

7. Romping in the snow can really wear you out.

Lots more cuteness after the jump!

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Joy Childers
Joy Childers

Very cute -of course, they do not measure up to the Chlore/Maddie cute scale -but cute nonetheless!


That's my chi - Lola in the top spot! :) HA HA - hella stoned. She does look like it huh?


@ItzLinz I saw that when I read the blog. I would have posted pics of our pups but they have been under the blankets all day.

Erin Armknecht
Erin Armknecht

Awww! Our Maggie June is the miserable-in-the-snow wiener dog in #11! We told her she was internet famous, and she just snored...

Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller

So very cute! I just hope he's staying warm & inside too. My baby is all snuggled up between my legs in our recliner. Except now she's really too big. She's laid there since I brought her home @ 8 weeks old. She just turned a year old on 12/11. Now she's a very BIG & beautiful pit bull. She's a very affectionate & lovable girl. She'd lick you to death if she could. When someone wants to put down pit bulls, they need to meet my Carly Jane. People make dogs mean, any dog can be taught to be mean. Dogs & people are NOT born mean, they are taught to be mean, they have to learn bad habits just like we do. So if you're one that's afraid of pit bulls in general you need to meet one that hasn't been trained to be mean or evil. They're the most loyal & loving dogs you could meet. Take my word for it. I WAS one of the people who ASSUMED that they're all bad dogs. Being wrong isn't that bad, especially if you can admit it. Remember what the word assume really means(make an ass of u & me).

Jerri Michael
Jerri Michael

I love this, cause otherwise I'm going to cry.

Sherry Clark
Sherry Clark

None of the picture links are available on my phone. Bummer. :(

Lace King
Lace King 'lil guy is wrapped up in a doggie burrito next to me, and all I can see is his head lol. he's completely wrapped himself up in my heated blanket.

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