2014 St. Louis Homicide No. 1: Patrick Davis Shot By the Man He Was Trying to Rob

A would-be armed robber got a final taste of his own medicine Monday night when his victim pulled out a gun of his own and fatally shot his attacker in north city, according to police.

Patrick Davis, a 25-year-old from Spanish Lake, died from gunshot wounds to the legs, chest, arm and face, said the St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

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Police suspect Davis was attempting to rob another 25-year-old man walking around 7 p.m. in the 4500 block of Blair Avenue in the College Hill neighborhood, where Davis and two friends were trying to buy drugs.

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The intersection of Blair and Grand, where the shooting occurred.
Davis' two friends, who are also 25 years old, took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Both men were taken into custody but are giving conflicting statements, according to police.

The investigation is ongoing.

Here is the full report from SLMPD:

Incident: Homicide
Location: 4500 block of Blair
Date/Time: 01/06/14 @ 19:00
Victim: 25-year old black male
Suspect/Victim #1: Patrick Davis, 25-year old black male of the 11000 block of N.
Garden (deceased)
Suspect #2: 25-year old black male
Suspect #3: 25-year old black male
The victim contacted this department to report an attempted robbery, which had occurred at Blair and Grand. The victim stated that he and a friend were walking on Blair when they encountered Suspect/Victim #1 and another subject. Suspect/Victim #1 approached the victim and announced a robbery, revealing a firearm. A struggle ensued and the victim produced his own firearm and shot Suspect/Victim #1. Suspect/Victim #1 suffered gunshot wounds to the legs, chest, face and arm. Suspect #2 and Suspect #3 conveyed Suspect/Victim #1 to a hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Investigation revealed that Suspect #2 and Suspect #3 were with Suspect/Victim #1 attempting to purchase narcotics in the area when the incident occurred. Suspect #2 and Suspect #3 were taken into custody. The suspects provided conflicting statements. The investigation is ongoing

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