5 Videos of the Epic 2014 St. Louis Snowstorm That Will Cure Your Cabin Fever

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Don't lose your mind! Daily RFT is here to help.
All this cold is giving us a fever -- cabin fever!

The storm and then the subzero temperatures that followed have left us inside for days with nothing but our loved ones and our imaginations to keep us company. As the temperatures start to rise, bosses start to demand that you work at the office, not from your hidey-hole built from blankets and space heaters in your apartment.

Tuesday's forecasted high of 28 degrees makes Monday's subzero temperatures seem almost tropical, but if you're stuck inside at work or at home today, never fear! Daily RFT has you covered.

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We're here to talk you through your cabin fever -- and to remind you that even though you hate being stuck inside, the weather outside is still awful, just awful.

Step into our office, tell us your cabin fever symptoms and allow Daily RFT to prescribe a video uploaded during this 2014 cold snap:

Cabin Fever Symptom No. 1: You don't want to miss the beautiful, fluffy, powdery snow that fell in buckets Sunday.

Video prescription: Why go outside when you can watch the snow fall over and over in our Riverfront Times time lapse? Plus, someone else does the shoveling.

Cabin Fever Symptom No. 2: You're sick of feeling isolated from your fellow man and woman because you haven't actually been outside in 24 hours.

Video prescription: No need to worry. As you can see, everyone is still a douchebag.

Cabin Fever Symptom No. 3: You feel you missed out on the fun yesterday by giving in to the media hype and refusing to leave the house.

Video prescription: You think you missed out? Did you really move to St. Louis to experience temperatures capable of doing this...

Two more videos (and a bonus) after the jump!

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