5 Videos of the Epic 2014 St. Louis Snowstorm That Will Cure Your Cabin Fever

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Cabin Fever Symptom No. 4: Anything sounds more fun than sitting around and eating crap and watching Netflix for another day. Anything.

Video prescription: Spend that energy helping us figure out what exactly is going on here.

Cabin Fever Symptom No. 5: You're starting to hear voices, and they're telling you to eat all your roommate's leftovers. And her fingers.

Video prescription: Don't give in to all your ideas. After all, there was so much snow on this guy's car that this seemed like a good idea.

And the award for best use of a YouTube video to explain the 2014 polar vortex goes to...

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DoucheMcGee topcommenter

The roads still suck today, but it was nice leaving the house for the first time since Saturday.

Amy Harris
Amy Harris

We're trying to dig out. Truck wont start. Gotta get the battery charged. Going stir crazy.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown

It's like no one has ever seen snow before.

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