Photographer Ben Evans Shows Why His Style Is Best Described as "St. Louis"

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Ben Evans
At the Ice Carnival in the Moonrise Hotel.

When Ben Evans can find a few spare moments in between being a real estate lawyer and a married father of three kids, he takes incredible photos of St. Louis.

A long-time photography enthusiast, Evans started taking his hobby more seriously during the last three or four years when he started a blog about St. Louis issues and needed photos to accompany the topics he tackled, which ranged from the Arch grounds project to the the city-county merger debate.

"I spent innumerable hours exploring St. Louis with my camera, especially in the very early morning and evenings," Evans says.

After a while, Evans says his interest in writing waned and he became focused on photography as it seemed like the best way to express his love for the city, its architecture and its people. So he ditched his original blog and now posts photos on an awesome Flickr page and plans on starting a website devoted to his photos.

One of Evans' photography interests include capturing details of St. Louis' architecture.

Ben Evans

Ben Evans
World's Fair Pavillion

Ben Evans

"I have entire photo sets devoted just to bricks and building elements," he says.

Ben Evans
The Old Post Office on the left and the Laclede Gas Building on the left.

He also does street photography and street portraiture.

Ben Evans
View of the Arch from Saint Louis University.

Ben Evans
Mississippi River flood wall.

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