Photographer Ben Evans Shows Why His Style Is Best Described as "St. Louis"

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But his personal favorite is his "Characters" photo set.

Ben Evans
Man in the Loop.

Ben Evans
Kids hanging out on Cherokee Street.

Ben Evans
Women at the International Institute's 2013 Festival of Nations.

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Ben Evans
Panorama restaurant.

"There are particular well-known subjects and areas that I come back to time and again: Forest Park, and particularly Art Hill -- hundreds of photos of the art museum and Apotheosis statue -- Tower Grove Park, the City Museum, the Eads Bridge, Cherokee Street and the Delmar Loop --and, of course, the Arch," he says.

Ben Evans
The Arch.

Yes, there are more amazing photos...

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Eric Lowdownderty Shame
Eric Lowdownderty Shame

Russian made reports on U.S doing chemtrails in Africa. They confirmed that it is chemicals being sprayed in air. Besides I like this pic. I shoot pics like this too.

Jeff Keniston
Jeff Keniston

LOL I was gonna say too......lookie at them chemtrails!

Dana Stepp
Dana Stepp

Great Shot...aside from the chemtrail. O_o

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