Photographer Ben Evans Shows Why His Style Is Best Described as "St. Louis"

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He adds: "I'm just as obsessed, though, with capturing the mundane-but-quirky details of the city that you might miss if you're not really looking. That's a big part of what photography is for me and many others -- really taking the time to stop and see what's around me."

The variety of photos Evans takes is part of his style, which in turn is inspired by the city.

Ben Evans
A view at sunset, one of Evans' favorite times to take photos.

"I don't see myself settling on, say, only landscape photography, or only street photography," Evans says. "If a subject says 'St. Louis' to me -- and if I find it to cross a certain threshold of interestingness -- then I want to capture it and share it, whether it's a building, a park, a brick, a person, a bit of graffiti, or a 630-foot catenary arch. I'd say that my photography 'style' is, simply, 'St. Louis' -- apologies to STL-Style."

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Ben Evans

Because of his busy schedule, Evans says, he has to be "opportunistic" about when he has the chance to take a photo.

"My wife and kids have grown very used to -- and patient of -- my requests for just 'one more minute' to take photographs everywhere we go," he says.

"I do still get out for solo photo walks when I can, but not as often as I used to and not as often as I'd like, though I really don't mind that much. That will change in later stages of life, and I'm in no hurry to get there."

See all of Ben Evans' photos on his Flickr page.

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