Why Chouteau's Landing Matters: The Slow Decay of One of St. Louis' Oldest Neighborhoods

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Powell Square

The Demolished Powell Square
Now completely demolished, Powell Square represented St. Louisan's divergent views of abandoned buildings. Many saw the structure as a blank canvas that could have drawn talented artists from around the country. Others saw it as an ugly eyesore, sitting within arm's length of the intersection of I-55 and the Poplar Street Bridge. Serving a variety of functions over the years, including pharmaceutical and bag production, the site is now a grass covered field.

Servco Warehouse

The now destroyed Servco Warehouse
Heavily damaged by a fire in early December 2013, the Servco warehouse was at least partially occupied at the time of its destruction. Built in two phases, in 1902 and 1908, as the neighborhood transitioned from residential to industrial, its loss is just another strike against a long suffering corner of St. Louis.

Chris Naffziger writes about architecture at St. Louis Patina. Contact him via e-mail at

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