Expedite STL: St. Louis IKEA Delivery Business Rethinks Strategy with New Store on the Way

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Courtesy of Emily Schmitz
The Schmitz' living room -- full of IKEA furniture.
Here are the hilarious-sounding Swedish names of the IKEA furniture in Shcmitz's home:

Chairs- POANG leather
End table- discontinued
Table lamp- ALANG LAMP,
picture shelves- RIBBA SHELVES
entertainment center- BESTA
lamps- SANGEN
kitchen table- BJURSTA table
kitchen chairs- BORJE chair
blanket- OFELIA

Courtesy of Emily Schmitz
View No. 2 of the Schmitz living room.

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Jennifer Milan
Jennifer Milan

Not to mention the chemicals that go into all of that pressed 'pollution'.

Jennifer Milan
Jennifer Milan

Why would anybody pay retail for crap from China that they have to put together with a piece of paper and a website....that takes a 'special kind of stupid'.

Robert Malmgren
Robert Malmgren

There is a pride that goes along with putting together your own furniture. I'd rather it be the swedes then sam.

Dave Brown
Dave Brown

So instead of spending your day buying junk, you can hire someone to buy junk for you?

Daniel Knoll
Daniel Knoll

they should contact out 'assemblers' to put together the stuff at the home of the purchaser, maybe charged on an hourly basis or by the item.

Adam Usher
Adam Usher

My entire kitchen is IKEA. Cabinets to stove. Can't wait to they open here.

Giuliano Mangiore
Giuliano Mangiore

So instead of driving to Chicago to pick up/deliver they can go to mid town. Then deliver to Nashville, Louisville, Tulsa or Indianapolis.

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