Gateway Arch Waives Entrance Fee for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014

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Francisco Diez via flickr
The Gateway Arch is a little cheaper today.
Want to do something monumental for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is honoring the civil rights leader by waiving the entrance fee to the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse.

Metro will skip the $3 fee for tram ride tickets and movie tickets for the films playing at the Arch: Monument to the Dream and Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West.

The Museum of Westward Expansion and the Old Courthouse museum are free.

St. Louis will kick off the citywide celebration of King's life Monday under the Arch with music and speeches from civic and community leaders followed by a downtown parade.

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Andrea McMurray
Andrea McMurray

I was robbed at gunpoint today for the first time in my life. So MLK day 2015 in my beloved STL was a pretty "monumental" day for me ...and free fun for them I supose.

Cathy Harkins
Cathy Harkins

See Citrina Crystal we should have it was free

Julie Berry
Julie Berry

They are making this sound better than it is. Its always free to go under the Arch and to the museum. It cost to go up in a tram or to watch movies... And you can wander the Old Courthouse free everyday as well.. And check out exhibits...

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