"Grillz" Shop Wants to Make STL the Gold Teeth Capital of America

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"This grill right here is actually called the 'Miley Cyrus.' We named it after her because she wore that style first," he says.

Ray Downs
The "Miley" grill.

Miley has her grill, but so do other megastars like Rihanna and Beyonce, and that has made the trend go from what has commonly been considered a black "urban" style to one sought after by everybody.

"I thought it would be mostly black guys, but it's not," Said says of the people who come into his shop. "It's totally shown me different. I have white ladies, white guys all the time. They're the most curious ones. They'll see some nice work and be like, 'Oh this is pretty cute.' And then when they start seeing Beyonce and Victoria's Secret models -- they all got gold teeth now, too, showing off in music videos. And people be like, 'Yeah, I want that.'"

Ray Downs

Arab Americans are also getting in on grillz, says Said, who is of Palestinian descent, and he has made grillz with Arabic lettering and Palestinian flag colors for a few of his Arab American customers.

Grillz are multicultural now, but it's the ladies who are really helping to make the scene get big again.

"I'd say there are five females for every two male customers," Said says.

With his new shop on Delmar, Said hopes to make a place where people from all over come to St. Louis for grillz. So far, he's doing a pretty good job. An NFL player came in the other day for a set, and Said is currently working on a piece for Miss USA 2010, as well as a few girlfriends of NBA players.

"You watch -- this place is gonna become a tourist attraction," Said says.

Correction: It was earlier written that Said is of Lebanese descent. However, he is of Palestinian descent.

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