13 Ways to High-Five: Which One Should Congress Make Missouri's Official Greeting?

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A state congressman wants to make high-fives official in Missouri.
People are fed up with the bipartisan rancor that colors our politics, but Missouri Representative Courtney Allen Curtis has a solution that's so simple it's downright genius:


Curtis loves to high-five. He does it all the time at the Missouri Legislature, where being chair of the Bipartisan Freshman Issues Committee means he works with politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis.
And now, he's sponsored House Bill 1624, which would make high-fives the official greeting of Missouri.

"Things can get kind of tense because passions are ignited on both sides, and you need something to break it up and bring us together," Curtis, a Democrat representing Berkeley, told Daily RFT. "I walk around on the floor high-fiving people. It allows us to bond in a unique way."

Why a high-five and not, say, a fist bump? "I don't think there's anything threatening about a high-five," he says.

Curtis' measure will likely be ignored by the Republican-dominated house, but he stays optimistic.

"We will need something to bring us together," he says.

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Even if Curtis' bill goes down in flames, we think he's on to something. Here are thirteen other greetings Missouri should consider for its official greeting:

The Top Gun High Five

Also known as the windmill.

The Air Guitar

It's fun, it's musical and you don't share any germs.

The Rock-a-Bye Baby

But how do you decide who's the rocker and who's the rockee?

Nine more amazing gifs of greetings on the next page!

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@Playworks @amphlett yessssss that would be priceless! high-fiving, the next best thing playworks is ready, are you? lol


Why doesn't he do the people's real work instead of this nonsense


The unsuspecting "knock out" high-five to the back of the skull is very popular in the Urban Missouri environs. 


The Missouri legislature is not called the Missouri congress and its members are not called congressmen. It is called the General Assembly. Members of the state house are simply called Representative and members of the state senate are called senators.

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