Judge Orders Return Of 252 Animals: "No Credible Evidence" of Abuse

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Goodale tells Daily RFT that the facts of the case support his client.

"I think after a full and fair trial on the merits of the case, the truth came out," he says.

Thumbnail image for hsmorescuerabbits1.JPG
A Humane Society photo of one of rabbit cages on Muessemeyer's property.
However, this ruling doesn't mark the end of Muessemeyer's troubles. She still faces criminal charges in Franklin County, and the Humane Society is in no rush to return the animals.

"We have concerns about returning animals to someone who has criminal charges of animal abuse pending," says Jae, "Our intention is to gain permanent custody of the animals rather than be reimbursed for the cost to provide the ongoing medical care and recovery. Our hope is that ultimately we are able to offer as many of these animals for adoption as possible."

Here's Judge Tobben's final ruling.

Muessemeyer Judgement

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