KSDK Investigation on School Safety in Kirkwood Reveals Journalists Are The Worst

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Leisa Zigman apologizes to KHS parents, students and staff on air.
For 40 minutes, students lined the walls in darkness, hoping no one could see them through windows or doors while footage from the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre ran through their heads.

Caroline Goff, a freshman at Kirkwood, says her teacher told the class he'd stand in front of a attacker and sacrifice himself if the worst occurred.

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"My son was given scissors and told to kill the person if it came to that," Char Miller Henneberry posted on Facebook. "I'm thankful to the teacher as I know she was trying to protect the kids. But wow, my son had to go through that for a story for the damn news station? Are you serious?"

Dan Sammartano says his freshman daughter spent all 40 minutes of the lockdown believing she was going to die.

"I have never heard her this shaken up in my life," Sammartano posts on Facebook. "She described how her teacher barricaded the door and courageously prepared himself to fight an intruder. She described police running across the roof above her and loud bangs."

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KSDK apologized to parents, students and school staff for the trouble, saying the lockdown was not the intent of the story.

But no one from KSDK has spoken up as to why the station went 100 minutes without answering Kirkwood's questions and telling them the school was not in danger.

"We believe Channel 5 should have notified the school office immediately after the 'test' was completed," says Superintendent Tom Williams, in a statement to parents. "This would have helped our school improve security measures without going to the extreme measure of a lockdown and the panic and disruption it caused."

Sammartano says it best: "Stay out of our kids' schools. They're freaked out enough as it is."

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