Legislature Could Name Loyal Hound, Psychic Setter Missouri's State Dogs

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Jim the Wonder Dog

Folks who remember Jim, the Llwewllyn setter born to pureblood champion stock in Louisiana, say he was psychic.

Sam VanArsdale, a hotel owner in Marshall in the 1920s and 30s, bought Jim on discount because he was the runt of his litter. The joke is on the original owner, because Jim was a talented hunter. VanArsdale stopped counting after Jim hunted his 5,000th quail, leading Outdoor Life Magazine to call him the hunting dog of the country.

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Jim the wonder dog.
But Jim's talents went far beyond hunting. He could follow explicit commands in a number of languages, including Morse Code, say witnesses. He could locate a car by make, color, out-of-state plates or a license number. He predicted the winner of seven Kentucky Derbies, the 1936 World Series and the sexes of numerous unborn children.

When Jim died in 1937, he was buried in Marshall's Ridge Park Cemetery, where he's now the only animal in the all-people graveyard.

Continue reading for the full text of the bill and of Vest's Old Drum speech.

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