No Pants MetroLink Ride 2014: Pantsless Passengers Take Over Transit [PHOTOS]

Photos by Jon Gitchoff
Something's missing here...oh! Pants! SEE ALL PHOTOS
St. Louis has survived another night of pantsless revelry on the MetroLink.

Tuesday marked the fourth annual No Pants MetroLink Ride, a purposefully pantsless romp on public transportation adopted by STL Improv Anywhere after similar events in New York.

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Organizer Mallory Nezam (center) helps check in pants.
Organizer Mallory Nezam says St. Louisans miss out on happenstance encounters when they drive everywhere instead of taking buses or the MetroLink.

"I've just had so many interesting encounters with people in public places on transit," she tells Daily RFT. "We just don't have that opportunity very often. I started introducing this to make public space more interesting."

It's like Where's Waldo but for butts.
"I want public transit to be more of a fun place to be, not just functional," Nezam says. "We love to mix up the everyday. I think it's really good for the spirit to stay on your toes and see some magical and inspiring things."

This guy went all out.
Part of the event's humor is convincing typical MetroLink riders that there's nothing strange going on when a crowd gets on without their pants.

Continue reading for photos of pantless passengers pretending nothing weird is going on.

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