Police: Four Arrested, Child Rescued from Cahokia Meth Lab

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Photos via St. Clair Sheriff's Department
Andrea L. Casper
Illinois police arrested four people after finding methamphetamine-manufacturing supplies and a stolen Ford truck at a Cahokia, Illinois, home.

A four-year-old girl found inside the house was turned over to her grandmother, according to the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department.

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Police identified the suspects as Roy V. Edwards Jr., 39, Andrea L. Casper, 31, Andrew Elliott, 35 and Jessica L. Elliott, 30.

All four people were charged with a felony count of aggravated participation of methamphetamine, and all but Edwards are being held in St. Clair County Jail on a $900,000 bond. Edwards' bond is $950,000.

Roy V. Edwards Jr.
The sheriff's department investigated after receiving information that meth and a stolen car were at a home in the 1100 block of St. Helena Avenue in Cahokia.

Police found evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing in the garage and trash bins outside, according to a post from the drug tactical unit on the sheriff's department's Facebook page.

Officers on the auto-theft task force found a stolen black Ford F-250 in the garage.

Google Maps
The Cahokia home police investigated.
Here's more from the police report:

Upon speaking with the occupants of the residence consent to search the property was obtained. During the search evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing was located in the garage and trash bins outside. A black Ford F-250 truck was also located in the garage. Special Agents from the Auto Theft Task Force determined the truck to be stolen. Investigators also located a 4 year old girl inside the residence. The Illinois State Police Meth Response Team responded to clean up the hazardous materials from the meth labs. Four suspects were taken into custody at the scene and the child was turned over to the grandmother.
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Chris Aarns
Chris Aarns

Or as we call it in Southeast Missouri, "Tuesday."

Jennifer Sykes
Jennifer Sykes

Bob Underwood I went high school with one of the guys (Roy Edwards). He was always loser. That town is a joke.

Joshua Clark
Joshua Clark

Kimberly Johnson wtf goin on over there in Cahokia?! Smh.

Quinn Taylor
Quinn Taylor

Kids are never too young to learn a trade...

dalediversity topcommenter

Did the 4 year old help cook the meth? A lot of children like to help in the kitchen. 

Jada Marsala
Jada Marsala

these poor kids. these junkies make me sick.

jaco1175 topcommenter

Damn, Andrea takes a nice mug shot. She should have stayed away from the meth and made porn instead.


He is a pathetic piece of shit, he trolls the board for attention because he never got any from mommy. Just ignore him.

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