Adventures In St. Louis Crime Data: Rape Up 67% Following New FBI Definition

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Yesterday, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department released a snapshot of its overall crime statistics for 2013. The number that jumps out immediately is the 314 reports of rape, up 67 percent compared to last year's 185.

But, as proven from the city's "ranking problem," statistics can be misleading without the full picture: In this case, it turns out the FBI just updated its 1929 definition of forcible rape -- "The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will."

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson tells Daily RFT that he ran the city's 2012 numbers using the new 2013 definition, which includes oral and anal penetration and the rape of men.

Applying that updated metric, Dotson says the number of 2013 rapes were "slightly down" compared to 2012. Overall, total crime went down 5.4 percent in 2013.

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St. Louis isn't alone in applying the new, more inclusive rape classification.

"I would believe that every city around the country will see an increase in their numbers," Dotson says. "But I think any time that we better understand a crime we can better understand the victimization. I want to better understand it so we can keep people safe."

A graph comparing 2013 St. Louis crime data through November to 2012.

St. Louis experienced 120 homicides in 2013, up seven from 2012, but Dotson says he is still proud of the progress made this year.

"Crime in St. Louis is down almost 50 percent since 2006," he says. "Crime is at the lowest levels since the '60s, since the '50s in some categories."

Here are some highlights from the 2013 report, which you can read on the next page.

  • 5,078 violent crimes. Decreased 10.3 percent, from 5,661 in 2012.
  • 1,458 robberies. Decreased 18 percent, from 1,778 in 2012. This is the lowest reported number since 1953.
  • 3,167 aggravated assaults. Decreased 11.3 percent, from 3,571 in 2012. This is the lowest number since 1968.
  • 177 arsons. This is the lowest number reported since 1980.

Dotson credits the consistent use of hot-spot policing to the decrease in crime in St. Louis last year. He's optimistic that a soon-to-be redistricted police force will bring violent crime -- like homicides -- down even further in 2014.

Continue for more juicy crime data, as well as Chief Dotson's explanation for remaking St. Louis's police districts.

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They probably should have said "sexual assaults" are up in every category and is it any wonder? We are releasing the worst of the worst back out to feed off the public at lightening speed. Our neighborhoods are filled with deviants the state doesnt want to pay for. Make no mistake the average sex offender/predator is 31 years old with a victim under 12. I didnt see those stats mentioned.


The change in the FBI's definition of rape is a win for citizens (especially feminists). The former definition was very archaic, only defining rape as penile/vaginal penetration with female victims. The new definition includes male victims, as well as oral or anal penetration. Those crimes were reported previously, but they showed up in a "Part II" category that most reporters don't pay much attention to. If people actually read the article, the percentage doesn't tell you much, because it is an apples to oranges comparison. I found the headline of this article disappointing. The real headline should be "2013 Rape Statistics More Accurately Reflect Sex Crimes Reported to Police". Ironically, I guess that just wasn't sexy enough. :(

Pratie Head
Pratie Head

Shhhhh you'll put ideas in to some peoples heads

Tania Novak
Tania Novak

I am about a 1/2 of step away from unliking RFT. Rape is UP 67% and you comment about how few arsons you have had... Way to really care about our community and the people in it.

Chris Settles
Chris Settles

Well eventually you run out of shit worth burning.

Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

Less crime, more rape, more homicide. HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND. Hello from the suburbs.

Laura Miller
Laura Miller

Crime is down and you are talking about arson??? Who cares about that 67% increase in RAPE? And if you read the definition - I don't see how it ever could have been something else. SMH! But I guess women just don't matter. Rabid Feminist, Melissa Marie Young... Share away.

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