Police: While Elderly Woman Watches TV, Sneaky Teens Break In, Steal Car, Shoes

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The two teenagers who broke into an 86-year-old woman's home in St. Charles on Sunday night have been charged for stealing her car and Easy Spirit tennis shoes.

Police say the two juveniles -- a fifteen-year-old male and a sixteen-year-old female -- managed to break in through the house's back door and nab the shoes before making off with a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu, all while the elderly woman was watching TV in a back bedroom.

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St. Charles Juvenile Family Court administrator Ken Simmons tells Daily RFT that the male has been charged with first-degree burglary and stealing a motor vehicle. The female, who was wearing the stolen shoes when police apprehended her, is charged with first-degree burglary, stealing a motor vehicle and theft of an object under $500.

The break-in was discovered by the around 10:30 p.m. after the woman emerged from her bedroom to find a plant knocked over and the back door busted, reports the Post-Dispatch.

She also noticed a pair of unfamiliar white Vans sneakers left on the floor.

An hour later the police located the car on Interstate 70 near Bryan Road; apparently, the joyriding shoe thieves forgot that police can track stolen vehicles with OnStar.

Both teens are awaiting their first hearing.

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Justin Curia
Justin Curia

i won't ever leave my house as it is but now i won't even THINK about leaving it. what if one of these awful criminals finds out i'm thinking about leaving my house?! since this terrible thing happened i will never drive a car again because people do crimes and what if they want to crime me while i'm driving? st charles used to be a such a great place to raise a family, but now those families have *gasp* teenagers! wherever will i go to escape the onslaught of white teenager criminals?! i'm moving out at once i cannot take any more of this horrific crime, st charles = north st louis now after this

Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards

I remember when St. Charles was a nice place to raise a family. Now I won't even drive on interstate 70 or 64 because I don't want to get caught in the cross fire. Will the last person leaving St. Charles please turn out the lights!?

Sue Kasen
Sue Kasen

Dang! That is so not right..

Laura Dee
Laura Dee

How pathetic of a teen do you have to be to steal Easy Spirit tennis shoes from an elderly woman? Pretty damn pathetic.

Winnie Cooper
Winnie Cooper

Easy spirit tennis shoes? Really? And St.Charles has its moments, as every city does. But it's still far less dangerous than most parts of St.Louis.

STL Up Late
STL Up Late

This is exactly why nobody ever visits St. Charles anymore. So dangerous!

aaronmccoy242 topcommenter

Begin comments on race..............................................now

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