St. Louis Couple Wants Jason Segel at Their Wedding, Writes Poem: "Ode to Jason"

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Jason Segel at a wedding in How I Met Your Mother
"Ode to Jason," by Chris Openlander and Lauren Stein

'Twas six months before our wedding, when all through the place
Everyone was so busy, that it seemed like a race.
The save the dates were all sent, with tenderness and care,
But we forgot someone special who we hoped would be there.

Christopher and Lauren were all snug in their bed
While visions of Jason Segel danced in Lauren's head:
"I would love to see him there, he's my favorite person."
"We will get him there," said Chris, "and that is for certain."

Later that night there arose such a clatter.
Chris sprang from his bed and yelled, "What is the matter?!"
He shook his head, knowing she must have had a dream.
Lauren sat up and wondered, "What does this mean?"

"He was there!" she exclaimed, with excitement and glee.
"Chris, you saved the day, and you did it all for me!
In my dream, he was there. He didn't need much persuasion.
I saw him and knew: That must be St. Jason!"

"He was dressed in a suit and looking so stylish.
My knees started to buckle, and I was acting kind of childish.
His eyes -- how they sparkled! His smile -- how dreamy!
And the beard on his chin made me feel kind of steamy..."

Chris spoke not a word but knew what he must do.
"I will get him there," he thought, "and I'll do it all for you!"
Chris jumped out of bed and turned with a jerk,
He opened up his laptop and got right to work.

He sprang to his lab to start writing this thing.
"I really hope this poem will pull his heartstrings."
Lauren heard down the hall as Chris walked out of sight,
"I will get Jason there on that special Saturday night!!"

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Wes Slocum
Wes Slocum

Amen to that, they're a pretty cool couple too

Noelle McMinn
Noelle McMinn

Great article, great couple. Congrats Lauren and Chris! Got my fingers crossed :)

Lauren Stein
Lauren Stein

Actually, his choice was Kristen Bell. More his style ;)

Todd Markarian
Todd Markarian

Of course it's gonna be a guy celeb invited... Could u imagine if he wanted Megan fox at the wedding? Psssh... She'd cancel the shit.

Wes Slocum
Wes Slocum

That would be the tits if he came! I'm hoping he does

Don Marcum
Don Marcum

Harmless post! Must find way to take offense!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton

The obsession with celebrity in this country is absolutely disgusting.

Erica Kelly
Erica Kelly

Cuuute article and poem. I hope Jason surprises them on their big day. However, I do have to point out there are a lot of grammatical and spelling errors in the article. Some points sound like English is not the writer's first language. :-/


Actually, his choice was Kristen Bell.  More his style.  ;)

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