St. Louisan Owns Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado and Hopes Missouri Legalizes, Too

William Breathes
A legal weed purchase.
Medical marijuana goes for about $25 an eighth. Recreational will be around $45, plus a 25 percent sales tax. But if Wednesday's reports out of places like Denver and Telluride are any indication, people are happy to spend a little more to buy their weed legally and safely.

Despite the excessive regulations that are a result of a "just be lucky we're letting you do this" approach many Colorado lawmakers have taken to lifting prohibition laws, Fete hopes that Missourians will follow Coloradans' lead and vote to legalize, even if it's just for medical use.

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From the past few years on the job, he says, the great benefits that marijuana has for medical use ranging from helping cancer patients eat to epileptics decrease their seizures, and there's no reason why people in his home state should not be allowed to have the same medical choices Coloradans have.

"I had in 2009 a patient who was in her 90s, and her family was very scared to get her on marijuana. We discussed it for a while and decided to get her on tinctures," Fete says, referring to the kind of capsule made with medical marijuana. "She went from 80 milligrams of Oxycontin a day to 20 milligrams with the help of [cannabinoid] capsules."

He adds: "I can list you more than a handful of people who came to my office and told me 'This is the day that I'm not on any pharmaceutical pills because I'm taking [medical marijuana].'"

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