Applying for That St. Louis Reality Show for Twentysomethings? Here's Your Competition

Photos Courtesy of Haley Mirabelli
Applying for the show? Haley Mirabelli is your competition.
Here's what Mirabelli says about herself.

Okay here we go! My name is Haley Mirabelli, a chicago girl living the saint louis lifestlye, aka I kind of stick out like a sore thumb. Italian loud and fun is what would best describe me, always the bad influence and always down to go out and have a good time. I'm recently 22 years old and I live in Edwardsville, Il about 15 minutes from Saint Louis and I'm done with school in May. I bartend downtown at Jive and Wail dueling Piano bar on Washington Ave. I love the fast paced lifestyle, so I really love working downtown. I'm a dance Major in my last semester of college, with hopes of being a dancer for the NBA or NFL. I dream big and live fast, my friends and me are always out for a good time, finding new adventures and new guys to hangout with and meet. I am in Alpha Phi, and we really know how to party, but we do keep it classy. My favorite thing to do is get ready. I'm a makeup and hair fanatic, and I love dressing up with new fashion styles. I'm single and I love meeting new guys, and going on dates (sometimes they really suck), sometimes there really fun! I am the girl that dancing till the club closes, and I'm also they girl grabbing a salad and wine downtown for lunch, just depends on the day. Every year me and my friends go to spring break, last year I might have gotten on stage....woops. We also love to go downtown and see how many guys will buy us drinks, its like a fun game.

What is even happening here?
If you want to apply, e-mail through the end of January with your name, age, location and photos/videos of you and your friends.

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