Teen Shot in Head in Downtown Drive-By After Hotel Party

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A 19-year-old man is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the head downtown by an unknown gunman, according to police.

The man and another 19-year-old were stopped at a red light around 1:15 a.m. Monday morning at N. 10th Street and Convention Plaza after a party at the Ramada Inn.

Four men in a gray Pontiac Grand Am pulled up, and the rear passenger began firing shots out the car window toward the victims.

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Google Maps
N. 10th Street and Convention Plaza, where two teens were shot at Monday morning.
The victims fled, eventually going to the hospital where the driver was listed as stable.
Police describe the shooter as a medium-complexion black man with a low haircut, glasses and an orange hooded sweatshirt.

Here's the full report from police:

Incident: Assault 1st (Shooting)

Location: N. 10th and Convention

Date/Time: 1/20/14 @ 01:15-01:30

Victim #1: 19-year old black male

Victim #2: 19-year old black male

Suspect #1: Black male, medium complexion, low haircut, wearing glasses and an
orange hooded sweatshirt, occupying rear right passenger seat of suspect vehicle

Suspect#2-#4: Black males

The victims reported being stopped at a stop light in the above area when they heard
gunshots. The victims then observed Suspect #1, who was seated in the rear passenger seat of a gray Pontiac Grand Am, firing shots out of the vehicle window towards them. Three additional suspects were seated in the vehicle. The victims fled the scene. Victim #1 suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was conveyed to a hospital and listed as stable. The investigation is ongoing.

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Yinka Oduyemi
Yinka Oduyemi

Steve Mincer you signed up for all minority sites and waste your day with dumb ass comments...how boring...feel sorry for you get a hobby LOL

Yinka Oduyemi
Yinka Oduyemi

Lol Jason Goad You aren't going to hurt a fly keep talking behind your computer....Mrs Goad Lolb let's see if you post your address so that we can see good you are ..don't worry we will wait. Lol

Jason Goad
Jason Goad

And for the record I am tough. I have trained in Martial Arts since I was a kid. I however wouldn't go around shooting my big mouth off to strangers you might want to learn that Yinka Oduyemi.. a lesser person might take offense and tell you to shut your fucking mouth.

Jason Goad
Jason Goad

If honesty is tough to swallow too bad. Turn on the news tomorrow and I guarantee there will be another black on black shooting in St Louis. I am not a racist but instead a realist. Not all black men are self destructive, but unfortunately we don't get to hear about them often.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

it was a misunderstanding as to if his rims were 18's or 20's.

Jason Goad
Jason Goad

This is what MLK fought for.. Black men shooting and killing each other over stupid shit.LOL Your own worst enemies, keep lying to yourself and saying its society holding you back.

dalediversity topcommenter

Why does the RFT report the race of the perps? That seems racist.  

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