Ex-Cop Banned from Tower Grove East for Harassing LGBT Couple Over Rainbow Flag

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Jeffrey Leveque.
The former St. Louis police officer who harassed a queer couple for displaying a rainbow flag is now banned by judge's orders from entering the Tower Grove East neighborhood.

Jeffrey Leveque, 45, of north St. Louis county, faces one charge of harassment motivated by discrimination to frighten or disturb another person, a felony, after making verbal threats and posting a picture of the couple's home on Craigslist.

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Leveque is ordered to stay out of Tower Grove East, bordered by Nebraska Avenue, Gravois Avenue, Grand Boulevard and Shenandoah Avenue, as a condition of his bond.

Police say Leveque was one of the two men who parked outside the home of Meg Hensley, 27, and her partner Kendan Elliott, 34, and yelled at them threateningly as they tried to go to work. Hensley told the Daily RFT afterward that the ex-officer was angry the rainbow-colored flag on the couple's porch "defaced" the American flag.

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Leveque later posted a picture of the couple's home on Craigslist with this message:

So the carpet muncher called the police. So offended you were. Who is the criminal? You deface the "American Flag" and upset that stated to you how un American you are. Well you make me sick everyday when you kiss your girlfriend good bye. Being a carpet muching cunt is one thing but our flag is another. Have some respect for our country if you have no respect for our Lord.

"Obviously, this guy is watching us," Hensley told the Daily RFT last month after reporting the incident to police. "For him to go online and guide people to my house and encourage other people to harass me is terrifying."

Leveque was last in court in September, when he pleaded guilty to stealing more than $1,000 of items from Home Depot, according to court records.

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This boy is sick, sad. A loser. The SLPD was lucky to get rid of him before he totally lost it and did some really big damage. Ron should be proud.


"Enter Ye into Home Depot and take from it the measure of goods needed to sustain life. So sayeth the Lord." Right. Leveque is a moron.


I'd rather be followed and filmed by a drone than to interact with a cop like this or the many others you hear about in racial profiling horror stories.

Elizabeth Richards
Elizabeth Richards

When i think queer i think of "odd" but to use it as the queers are living next door is kind of harsh. Seriously, why waste your time and energy on hating someone or a group of people - it taints the soul. He should be on a list or something, go to jail and seek help. It is a Free country so God bless you all (gay, straight, bi, dogs, cats,birds and fish).

Doug Hammerstroem
Doug Hammerstroem

I didn't know a judge could actually ban someone from a neighborhood. Pretty good idea.

Tom Halaska
Tom Halaska

That's my neighborhood, I couldn't be happier!!

dalediversity topcommenter

Isn't this like communism? What happened to freedom to go where u want?

Courtney Ringle
Courtney Ringle

that begs the question.. considering tower Grove is kind of known for being a park that is a host to some tawdry hook ups, what EXACTLY was he doing in tower grove? Hmmmm?!!??!?!!? *toes tapping*

chrisward99 topcommenter

And while you're at it, STAY OUT OF RIVERDALE!

smdrpepper topcommenter

Good, but you should really find a new word to use other than "queer".  It is an insult to gays everywhere.

whateveryousay topcommenter

@dalediversity Freedom of travel, yes.  However, this dude harassed people and broke the law doing so.  What the judge ordered isn't much different than a restraining order.  

chrisward99 topcommenter

@smdrpepper That semantic nugget and how its used is actually up for debate in the gay community, I believe. Some people prefer it.

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