St. Louis Native/Bravo Exec Andy Cohen's Twitter Chat Goes to the Dogs


Despite living in New York City now, Cohen still visits the Gateway City and often can be seen at St. Louis Cardinals games. You know -- just hanging out with Tony LaRussa and Jim Edmonds, like we all do:

He doesn't have much time when he's in town, however; he told us that he mainly just sleeps. Cohen did surmise that he'd be better at the "Art Hill skeleton" instead of the "South City luge" in our St. Louis Olympics, though. He's already got the gear for it:

Cohen is looking forward to being the grand marshall of the Beggin' Pet Parade in Soulard on Sunday, but he hasn't talked to wardrobe yet:

Unfortunately, he won't be able to hang out in St. Louis after the parade. We guess filming Watch What Happens Later is a decent enough reason:


Cohen's Twitter followers had plenty of questions about his love life. For the record, Cohen is single but said that he'd had a "great date" the previous evening. That might spell trouble for one lady who wants to fix Cohen up with fashion designer Tom Ford, but there's probably no room in Cohen's bed, anyway, thanks to Wacha:

Still, Cohen's in fine shape, and people wanted to see the goods:

In case you missed it, Cohen had posted a very special #ThrowbackThursday photo to his Instagram account in September:

The Beggin' Pet Parade steps off at 1 p.m., with the Barenaked Ladies taking the stage at 2:30 p.m. For the parade route and additional activities, visit Mardi Gras Inc.

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Don Occhi
Don Occhi

Will be there with the South Side Posse,or the River Bluff Rats.

Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

Sad to hear that he wasn't in a Speedo. We just assume that he always is now, thanks to that Instagram photo.

Otis G. Grove III
Otis G. Grove III

I would love to "dish" but I probably shouldn't. But "loved" his cut off jeans shorts look. No not really!

Otis G. Grove III
Otis G. Grove III

I met him once. Wouldn't get the hell out of the street so I could drive by.


@cschardan Argh, LinkedIn wasn't supposed to tweet that. But yeah, I'm very lucky. Still lots of work! Just on neat stuff. :)

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