5 Perfect STL Responses to Backlash Against Coke's Multilingual Super Bowl Commercial

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Here are our five favorite responses to Coke's Super Bowl commercial, from St. Louis tweeters:

1. Can we be serious about the real native language of America?

Sorry, Americans descended from European countries. We hate to break it to you, but there was a time when the people living in America didn't speak English. We like this tweet because it reminds enemies of coke's commercial of something they should probably have learned from a history textbook -- or at least the Thanksgiving play in kindergarten.

2. I speak English, too.

Half of all Europeans speak multiple languages, and that percentage is rising in the developing world. Americans, on the other hand, barely have a grasp on one language. Less than twenty percent of Americans speak a language other than English.

3. Everyone is freaking out!!

We like to imagine the head of Coke tipping his cap and saying, "You're welcome, America. Now go deal with your racial insecurities over an ice cold glass of Coca-Cola."

4. Make it political.

You know Missouri state representatives and senators got calls from constituents Monday morning demanding laws against non-English commercials. But hey, if we're going to debate a bill that makes high fives the official greeting of Missouri, then anything is possible, right?

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5. Blowing up the blowback.

This straightforward tweet says it all, without the humor or irony of the above submissions. After all, not everyone in America speaks English. Really.

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