Daily RFT Wants Your Story Ideas: Winter Thaw Edition

Timothy Tolle via Flickr
It's warming up, St. Louis!
Sure, winter's not over, but after weeks of living in a city that feels more like an ice-skating rink, we'll take whatever warmth Mother Nature sends our way. If you're anything like us, this week's rising temperatures have cured your cabin fever.

So while you're out walking the dog or whatever you do when it's not frigid, Daily RFT wants you to keep an eye out for anything newsworthy. Some of our best story ideas come from readers who spot something crazy and let us know about it -- and that's a lot easier to do when winter isn't trapping you in your house.

So we want to hear from you:

Do you know an awesome person who deserves to have his or her story told?

Did you spot something fishy in your neighborhood that needs investigating?

Trying to spread the word about a project you're working on?

Think you spotted something we should cover?

Send your news tips or questions to Daily RFT's blogger Lindsay Toler at lindsay.toler@riverfronttimes.com.

Follow Lindsay Toler on Twitter at @StLouisLindsay. E-mail the author at Lindsay.Toler@RiverfrontTimes.com.

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Nikki Olden Moungo
Nikki Olden Moungo

Take a look at the "40 Days of Harassment" Christian fundies have planned for Planned Parenthood on Forest Park March 5-April 15. This needs much more in-depth coverage. Women being harassed for affordable healthcare have the right to not be impinged upon. PP is calling for escort-volunteers, please help spread the word and keep women safe from demagogic zealots. Thanks! http://www.kmov.com/news/local/Hostile-protesters-intimidate-patients-staff-at-local-Planned-Parenthood---246241721.html

Craig Mitchell
Craig Mitchell

We need a "Top 5 Places to Take a Mistress Where You're Unlikely to Run Into Anyone" piece. And also a "Top 10 Neighborhoods to Walk Your Dog Where Not Picking Up His Poop is Likely to Go Unnoticed" piece.

Shaun Steger
Shaun Steger

Show-me Cannabis' decision to hold off on placing legalization motions on 2014 ballot.

Andrew M Sommer
Andrew M Sommer

How about the excellent brewey scene we have in STL and surrounding areas? You've might of already covered this, but it's still good to recap awesomeness.

egolterman topcommenter

As the severe winter may be comes to an end, and understanding what MUNY and Kiel Opera House (that unmatched combo) did to make St. Louis a city for most of the last century, do the definitive piece on what has been done to both, and 'attach' that as one of the causes of the continued regression of the City. I've done it for years, getting a little tired. Other cities did not replace their best with a gaggle of pretenders. Nope, they didn't do that.

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