Watch Drug Dogs Search This South St. Louis County High School (VIDEO)

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St. Louis County Police search Oakville High School on a random drug sweep.
A new video from the Mehlville School District shows St. Louis County Police officers on a random sweep of Oakville High School with four drug-detection dogs.

The dogs did alert officers to areas to be searched, but police found no illegal substances, principal Jan Kellerman says in the video.

The video is a rare local look into how officials search schools for drugs. Mehlville School District has a policy requiring "school sniffs," and Oakville High School schedules two or three each semester.

"We want healthy kids who are here to learn," says Kellerman.

If the video looks like a professional news story, it basically is. The school district hired two former KSDK reporters, John Wolff and Alex Fees, a few years ago to keep the school in touch with parents and students.

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The video rightly anticipates Internet backlash from people who object to random searches. Two students, a police sergeant and the principal defend the sweeps, saying they keep the school safe and drug-free.

"When we're here, we don't really have the invasion of privacy rights because they own everything that's in here once we get on their campus," says student Jake Roach. "They had the right to do it, and they should do it."

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