Old Breweries Tell the Forgotten Legacy of Falstaff Beer in St. Louis

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Plant No. 5 (Old Columbia Brewery)

The Falstaff Logo on Plant No. 5 Smokestack

Despite the South Side's reputation as the center of brewing in St. Louis, Falstaff would purchase its fifth brewery building in the North Side neighborhood of St. Louis Place. Famous for its tall smokestack that still sports the Falstaff name, the brewery closed along with its fellow plants when the company began its slide into bankruptcy. The brewery now houses low-income housing.

Plant No. 10 (Old Consumers Brewery)

The still existing Stock House sign at Plant No. 10.

It was with a certain irony when Falstaff purchased the old Consumers Brewery on Gravois and Lemp Avenues; another branch of the family had once operated a Griesedieck Brewery in the very building that would now become the largest Falstaff plant in St. Louis. Famous for its caves once used for lagering beer before artificial refrigeration, the brewery spread over several city blocks. But its old age and its inability to expand reduced its efficiency. The plant closed in 1977, and has apparently largely sat empty ever since. Perhaps one day beer will be brewed within its walls again.

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