Family of Man Shot to Death By St. Louis Police Say Cops Lied

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Harney Avenue and Union Boulevard, near where the shooting took place.

"I could believe him running from the police because he had tickets and he was tired of police harassing him," says Stacie Hill, Averyhart's mother. "But shoot at the police? My son may have done some things wrong like evading police for tickets and a little weed, but that's just not who he was."

As for the gun, Averyhart's cousin, Precious Hill, says he sometimes carried a gun because he worked as a mechanic and had been a robbery victim in the past.

"He carried a gun to protect himself when he was working. That's it," she says. "And if he did have one on him, he would have thrown it when he was running."

In fact, Averyhart's mechanic work is another reason why they don't believe he would do something so stupid as pointing a gun at police: He had been working over the past year to get his mechanic business going and had been saving up money to rent a permanent location to work from.

"What kind of person who does that goes around shooting at police?" Precious Hill says.

On his Facebook page, Averyhart posted an ad that advertises his services:

Averyhart had been recently trying to get a mechanic business going, his family says.

His mother says he had a passion for cars, but he would often get pulled over for an array of reasons. That passion, she says, led to his death.

"Cars were his first love. I mean, he just loved cars, so he drove fast and he would get tickets," Stacie Hill explains. "He also got tickets for playing music too loud, and because he drove an 'old school.' Whenever police see an old-school car, they think you're doing something wrong. He was always getting harassed by the police."

She added: "His downfall was he was always driving fast. That's what he did."

Averyhart's rap sheet didn't have a single violent crime, but he did have several unpaid traffic tickets and driving with a suspended license, some of which turned into warrants. He also had that under 35 grams of marijuana misdemeanor charge mentioned previously, for which he had to serve 60 days in jail.

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But according to Averyhart's mother, he had been working to pay off the outstanding fines. At one point, she says, he had fines in 21 different places, but recently got that down to 4.

"That shows he was working on them," she says, adding that he was late on payments when mechanical work was slow.

Stacie Hill and other family and friends of Averyhart believe he was tired of getting tickets, so he ran. It might not have been the right decision, they say, but he didn't deserve to get killed for it.

"I'm not the type to hold up my son when he does wrong, or try to say my son was such a great, great person. But my son was a good person," says Stacie Hill.

She adds: "If he was a thug and out there killing people and selling dope and robbing people, then I would say he got what he was looking for because that was the situation he put himself in. But he wasn't. My son didn't point a gun at the police."

Averyhart's family says they want answers.

The City of St. Louis Police Department tells us the shooting is still under investigation.

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Jamie Van
Jamie Van

Reading the comments from a publication in St. Louis will make you wonder if this city ever made it out of the 1960s... And if the commenters ever made it out of grade school. Just FYI, you look like a fool trying to tell someone about life when you can't even spell.

Devon L Johnson
Devon L Johnson

Its always police harrasment when you drive with fake temp tags, no insurance, suspended license and warrants. Wake up driving is NOT a right if you can't get your car legit and can't follow traffic laws no one else should get injured or get their car damaged because you are a bad driver. He prooved he was not safe to drive. HE CHOOSE TO RISK PEOPLES LIVES AND RUN. You all will figure it out when you get hospitalized or your car is totaled by some uninsured suspended jerk that the police didnt even chase.

Natasha Marie
Natasha Marie

Majority of white folks live in lala land they would never understand

Brian Besse
Brian Besse

N st Louis is a concentration camp because of the police? What a dumb statement! Look in a mirror and quit pointing fingers at everyone else!

Bahar VoKellz
Bahar VoKellz

If u don't know of the struggle of being a black man in America u really should not comment on this article folks... Guess u All are the same ppl who think Trayvon Martin n Jordan Davis killers are innocent too huh... North Stl has been turned into a concentration camp by the police but the priveleged will never understand... These comments make me sick...

Dan Kelemen
Dan Kelemen

Running from the police because you are getting tired of getting tickets? Maybe he should have learned to drive slower and not give REASON for the police to pull him over. What an idiot! I love the excuse that he drives fast because that's what he does. Once again idiot.

Blake Harris
Blake Harris

Sounds like he was flouting the law every step of the way, did he have a ccw to carry his gun? If he didn't that's a felony right there. I'm all for calling out police brutality but I'm not seeing it in this case, if we start requiring all cops to wear cameras we wouldn't have these issues of not knowing.

Mike E. Moses
Mike E. Moses

Funny only way anyone will ever know is if every single cop wore one of them cameras attached to there glasses or behind your ear. Which seems pretty unreal to ever happen. But shit in St. Louis maybe jus cause our city is insanely raunchy

Erin Fuson
Erin Fuson

Hate to say it, but if you are running from the cops and you have a gun on you, you are asking for trouble. I hate that this young man's life was cut short but you can't run from the cops with a just can't.


bullcrap cops don't lie, they took classes on how to lie better than criminals while they were training to become a cop...

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