Gov. Nixon Says "Maybe" to Medical Marijuana; Is He Evolving Like He Did on Gay Marriage?

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But a few more months later, Nixon not only came out in favor of allowing gay couples to file joint taxes, he said they should be allowed to get married, too.

"Many Missourians, including myself, are thinking about these issues of equality in new ways and reflecting on what constitutes discrimination," Nixon said at a news conference. "For me, that process has led to the belief that we shouldn't treat folks differently because of who they are."

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Kholood Eid
Jeff Mizanskey has been in prison for more than 20 years for marijuana charges. He has asked Gov. Nixon for clemency.

In little over one year, 58-year-old Nixon went from never having supported marriage equality in his life to, after a bit of reflection, believing everyone should be treated equally.

So could Nixon's vague answer to CNN about marijuana legalization be the same as his vague answer to same sex marriage in May of last year?

The percentage of Missourians who favor legalization today (approximately 50 percent) is the same amount who favored marriage equality in 2012. And the amount of people who would be in favor of medical marijuana is certainly higher, so Nixon's comments could be a sign he is beginning that road of reflection he traveled on while deciding his views on whether gays should be allowed to get married.

But it's difficult to determine. Nixon has been silent on marijuana reform. One of the only other times he addressed marijuana was when his son was arrested for a bag back in 2011.

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Unfortunately, as the governor may or may not be reflecting, people all around the state are still being harassed by police, discriminated against by employers, and even incarcerated for entire lifetimes because they use marijuana.

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