High-Tech Workshop Where Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey Built Square Eyeing St. Louis

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If successful, TechShop would become a part of Cortex's master plan to cluster five innovation centers into one technology district within the Central West End. Currently, only three of those innovation centers are up and running: the Center for Emerging Technologies, BioGenerator and CIC St. Louis.

"Cortex has pivoted from being only a bio science park," Lower says. "We're embracing all technologies."

Harry Arader, senior entrepreneurial advisor with Biogenerator, says open laboratories in the life science industry have already proven their worth in St. Louis. Biogenerator's shared lab space hosts around 30 fledgling companies.

"If each little company had their own little set up in one part of the building, we wouldn't have near the impact. It causes people to rub elbows with each other during the day, to look at each other's experiments. This is a really powerful concept," Arader says.

He adds: "We're going to discover a lot of cool stuff."

Want to TechShop to come to St. Louis? Then check out the Cortex-hosted open interest forum being held today at 2 p.m.. More info here.

Here's a video about the entrepreneurial magic created at TechShop:

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