How to Use Carmel, St. Louis' First Smartphone-Based Car Service

Let's say you don't want to enter your home or work address every time you book a trip. Here's how to upload those locations to your favorites:

Unlike many other ride-share apps, Carmel lets customers book a car in advance. If you need the car now, the app will tell you how many cars are available and how far away they are.

Once you schedule your trip, choose your car. Want a luxury sedan? A mini-van? It's up to you.

You can upload your credit card details long before your book your first trip, which means no searching in your wallet for cash or a tip. You can select an option to automatically pay and tip your driver 20 percent after each tip, or you can adjust the amount and tip yourself.

If your car is booked for an immediate trip, the app will tell you how far away the car is.

Here's how to get airline miles every time you book a trip using Carmel:

You can also use the app to post your future trips into your calendar.

Carmel also offers an emergency contact option for parents and employers.

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Andy Crossett
Andy Crossett

Tired of all the hipsters trying this BS. Come on. Come up with something else.

Douglas Dial
Douglas Dial

The impossible pub crawl is now possible! Download the free Lyft app and get 50 free rides($25 value each) until May 3rd. Try it, you'll LOVE IT!


Great. The shittiest car service in NYC comes to STL... And they've got a really shitty app that requires instructional videos to use. Great job getting those cab regulation bureaucrats out of the way of progress, STL.

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