KDHX's Chris Ward Shows the World What #FacebookIs10 Videos Should Really Look Like

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Courtesy of Chris Ward
When his #FacebookIs10 video wasn't good enough, Chris Ward made his own.
You've seen 'em. You probably can't escape them. You may even have one of your own.

The "Facebook Is 10" videos randomly compile moments from your online life into a sappy video montage in honor of the social network's tenth birthday.

But when Chris Ward, 88.1 FM (KDHX) marketing and communications director, let Facebook put together his mini-movie, it was mostly pictures of cats and Nicolas Cage. That's when he decided to make his own.

"I was just goofing around and I made something that was more accurate with that weird, dramatic music," Ward tells Daily RFT. "I just wanted to do something stupid, basically. This has been a stupid week on Facebook."

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After working his iMovie magic and posting the video online, Ward's video took off. In less than twelve hours, more than 6,000 people liked it. As an experiment, Ward paid $6 to promote the video on Facebook, and now he's getting friend requests, private messages and wall posts from all over the world.

A message from Vietnam about Ward's #FacebookIs10 video.

Do you cool love it, too?
Ward has one regret: that he didn't try to monetize the video. His brother, who works in social-media communications for a living, told him he could have sold ads on the viral video to make some easy cash.

"I have not paid my rent this month, and that would have been very good to know that I could make $1,000 off something stupid," he says.

Here's Ward's official Facebook video:

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Annie Young
Annie Young

And thanks to you I got a random friend request from someone in the middle east.

Chris Ward
Chris Ward

There's no Imo's in Texas? Well that tears it, I'm moving to Texas.

Rich Brewer
Rich Brewer

Now see Steven Green you didn't have to alter yours at all and its still golden hahahaha

Ires Oliveira
Ires Oliveira

socorro!!!! o meu v´deo não apareceu, no facebook quero ele no meu também......

Michele Celis
Michele Celis

Nice work Dude. You got mad funny skills. keep working.

Wil Grundon
Wil Grundon

If you eat Imo's, you SHOULD feel shame.

chrisward99 topcommenter

This was supposed to be a reply to another guy.


@JustChrisByrd I will say, I'm really glad FB didn't grab any of my old pics w/ exes, etc. Just friends and parents. :-)

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