Marijuana Legalization Proposals Submitted by Activists, Politicians, and Man Doing Life for Pot

Of the two initiatives that Show Me Cannabis is polling on, one has a clause that would expunge marijuana offenses and effectively release prisoners like Mizanskey.

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The other does not, but Payne says that the group won't pursue a ballot initiative without an expungement clause. However, releasing convicted criminals is a touchy political move that can sometimes scare voters - neither Colorado's or Washington's legalization measures had an expungement clause -- and Show Me Cannabis want to know where Missouri voters stand on the subject.

"We want to know what kind of support we're gaining or losing by comparing it to [an initiative with no expungement clause]," Payne says.

He adds: "We certainly hope to pursue one that would release Jeff from jail because that's the greatest injustice right now occurring on a daily basis -- that someone is serving life without parole for a cannabis offense."

It's not just activists and victims of drug laws who are trying to make Missouri the next Colorado. Rep. Kelly's bill would also legalize and regulate marijuana, as well as make it possible for convicted marijuana offenders to be released.

State Rep. Chris Kelly

In Kelly's proposal, marijuana offenders would be allowed to apply for expungement to the court that convicted them.

"If the court determines, upon review, that such individual has not been convicted of any other marijuana-related offense at the time of the application for expungement, the court shall enter an order of expungement.," the bill says.

A hearing for Kelly's bill has not yet been scheduled.

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